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W.L. Fuller Co Inc., a third and fourth-generation family-owned business, specializes in high-quality Countersinks, Counterbores, Plug Cutters, Taper Point Drills, Brad Point Drills, and Step Drills. Proudly made 100% in the U.S.A., our 60+ years of experience in crafting tools for wood, plastic, and metal ensures expert recommendations and cost-effective solutions. We ship most orders the same day and also offer an extensive range of woodworking tools from other U.S. manufacturers.

Contact a Fuller team member—Gary, Mike, Lisa, or Jasmine—for over 80 years of expertise in manufacturing, distributing, and advising on tools for cutting wood, plastic, and metal in both standard and custom sizes.

* Postscript - In an effort to save money during the war years, Warren Fuller Sr. located a deal on gallons of near orange paint for his boats. With this purchase began the use of orange as the Fuller business color. The reader will note the use of orange in Fuller advertising flyers, packaging, and throughout this web-site.

In the 1930s, Warren L. Fuller Sr. started building 12-foot boats using innovative plywood in his Warwick, RI Hudson car dealership. The boats' deep V hulls were fast, dry, and versatile for both sailing and powering. During production, Warren developed efficient, cost-effective woodworking tools, such as countersinks, to address specific needs.

In 1945, Warren Fuller Jr. joined the business, focusing on drilling, tapping, deburring, and sharpening countersinks. The first catalog was printed, and tools for making venetian blinds were added to the product line. In the late 1950s, Warren Jr. improved the countersink design by slanting the flutes, enhancing chip clearance and preventing clogs.

After Warren Sr.'s passing in 1961, Warren Jr. incorporated the business, which expanded rapidly alongside the Fuller family. In the 1970s, the company relocated to accommodate growth and welcomed most of Warren Jr.'s seven children into the business.


Today, W.L. Fuller Inc. thrives under the leadership of the third-generation Fuller family and 60 dedicated employees. Diane, Gary, Debbie and Lisa manage the company, emphasizing customer service, quick delivery, and a superior product line. Despite minimal advertising, sales have grown 300-fold since the early days, thanks to word-of-mouth promotion and sustained customer satisfaction.

Warren L Fuller

Warren L. Fuller

May 14, 1929 to August 31, 2005

It is with our deepest regrets that we inform you of the loss of our father, Warren L. Fuller. His passing was due to Hurricane Katrina as he was a resident of the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. He survived and escaped the hurricane only to die of a heart attack one day later in a high school shelter where he was waiting for his companion of 20 years. She had been injured during the escape and was hospitalized. We had traveled to his town to rescue him and were only a few miles from him when he passed. As owner of W. L. Fuller, Inc., he had prepared his children to continue with the same service and quality you have become accustom to. We look forward to continuing the business relationships he enjoyed and building new relationships as he would have.

The Fire

On March 17, 2003, a fire engulfed W.L. Fuller, Inc., sparked by a grinding machine in the dust collection system. Thankfully, all employees escaped unharmed, but the fire destroyed the office and plant areas. Only a fireproof three-story addition remained intact, with the stock room suffering water damage from firefighting efforts.

In the aftermath, the company set up a temporary office in a mobile trailer, quickly restoring essential functions. They cleaned and repackaged water-damaged tools while struggling with a growing backlog of orders. The company had previously purchased a neighboring building for expansion and accelerated its plans to move manufacturing there, giving them a space to rebuild.


Reestablishing the manufacturing facility was a challenging process, requiring new machinery, upgraded electrical systems, and various other equipment. The company attempted to outsource production during this period but faced quality control issues. It took eight months to achieve full production capacity and fulfill outstanding orders. During this time, the company faced setbacks, including manufacturing defects in new CNC machines.


Despite these challenges, W.L. Fuller, Inc. persevered, grateful for the loyalty of its customers. The fire eventually led to positive outcomes, such as modernized machinery, additional products, and adherence to updated fire and safety codes. Today, the company continues to grow, driven by its dedicated family, employees, and customers.

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