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“Don't waste your money on those cheapie Ryobi or Hitachi countersinks available at Home Depot and Lowes. The W.L. Fuller countersinks are the finest available--sharp, durable, and well-made. I am a professional cabinetmaker, and every cabinetmaker in our shop has a set of Fuller countersinks. Nice, clean countersinks everytime.

The tapered bits this set comes with can be swapped out with regular drill bits. The tapered bits work well for wood screws, but it seems like few people use wood screws anymore. We use sheet metal/drywall screws exclusively, and find them far superior. Just put regular drill bits in your Fuller countersink set, and you're ready to roll. Save the tapered bits for acrylic and plexiglass, as they won't crack or chip the material like straight bits do.

W.L. Fuller sells an unbelievable line of specialty bits and cutting tools, and their quality is top rate on all their tools. It's a shame Amazon only sells the countersinks, but if you need a set, this is the best price out there.

Fuller is a family owned and operated business out of Warwick, Rhode Island. At a time when more and more tool manufacturing jobs are being lost to near-slave labor in China, it's great to see some Yankee ingenuity cranking out products that will still be rockin' when all that Chinese junk has been re-recycled back into beer cans.”

Review on amazon.com from Luke T. Evans of Fairfax, VA

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I have been around wooden boat building for 60+ years, starting in Crocker’s yard as a seven year old pain in the butt.  Over later years I have built an extensive workshop.  One of my favorite collections of specialty woodworking bits is my very complete W.L. Fuller taper point bits with countersink sleeves, stop collars and matching plug cutters.  I recently thought that it might be a good idea to have the set reconditioned and a few pieces replaced.  I called W.L. Fuller in Warwick, RI and found that they were very willing to perform this service.  I did not ask the cost.  What I received back was my set beautifully reconditioned along with a few replacement parts.  The cost was just under $30.  I had fully expected to pay $60 or up!  It sure would be nice if Wooden Boat readers could know of my experience.  There has to be hundreds of these sets in your readers hands just waiting for a little extra care!  It also confirms that Fuller’s tools are a great investment and could pass through a number of life times!

Email from Ted Wasserman of Brookline, MA to Wooden Boat magazine

I have been using Fuller countersinks for almost a decade now. They are the best countersinks that I have ever used, due to their excellent design and build quality. I used to buy low-end countersinks, like those by DeWalt or Makita available at Home Depot, but ever since I first used a Fuller countersink I have never looked back. The Fuller countersinks stay sharp for a very long time (this is my second set in about 8 years) and their quick release design makes changing bits easy and fast. I can't recommend this set enough.

Review on amazon.com from Hugh of New York, NY

Fuller cutters come sharp and keep their sharpness.  Forget the junk sold at the hardware store and get the real thing.

Review on Jamestown Distributors Website from Gary of Santa Cruz, CA

Fuller countersinks are probably the best investment you can buy for your shop. These bits are not just “drill bits” but are countersink system that allows you to get the perfect depth and size hole needed for your wood screw. I have drilled out countless thousands of holes with the #8 bit and can tell you that you can get superior holding strength from your screws by using this tapered bit. Thanks fuller for making my job precise!!

Review on Jamestown Distributors Website from J.Kovach of Cape Cod, MA